Henry and Bros. is a company built on family values

An Introduction from Jennie:

Hello Friends, Jennie Hope here! I’m the CEO and founder of Henry & Bros. We have so many new and exciting things to share with you that I’ve created a blog! Check in regularly for sneak peeks of our upcoming releases, design tips, and info about the latest trends. My desire is to help you design and create beautiful, functional, clutter-free rooms for you to enjoy with your children. After all, the heart of Henry and Bros. is family.

I grew up in a small town in America’s heartland, and the strong family values I learned there are the same ones I ensure are ingrained into this company. The love and support of my family gave me the courage to move to the UK to finish my undergraduate work. It gave me the confidence, at twenty two, to pursue an internship in Hong Kong; and that led me to being the first and only foreigner to manage sales and development for a Hong Kong textile manufacturing company. Those strong American values and work ethic opened opportunities as I pursued my dream of becoming a leader in the field of textiles and global manufacturing. In that pursuit, I earned an MSc in textile engineering and a PhD in supply chain management. (It’s important to me to have both academic knowledge and factory floor experience.) My parents raised me to know that there is nothing that hard work and integrity can’t accomplish, and their endless love for me gave the courage to go after a seemingly impossible dream.

My husband shares my passion and love for global textile manufacturing. He has been a leader in producing fabrics that align with global brands for the past twenty-five years. Together we have three young sons--the company’s namesake, Henry, and our twins Hugo and August. We also have two teenagers, Jasmine and Jackson. My husband and I love creating products together while instilling values, filling hearts with love, and building meaningful childhood memories with our children.

The fabrics that touch our skin intertwine with our memories. This never leaves my mind while I am creating products for your family. That is why I only use the very best fine yarns in Henry and Bros. products: so that memories of being snuggled in the softest of towels, or being cuddled and comforted with the finest colorful cotton blankets, will always fill your child with a sense of love, happiness, and support.