Minimalist design for children's rooms

For many of us, minimalist design brings a sigh of relaxation. We look at light, neutral colors and feel peace. Our brains mimic our surroundings; if the room we are in is organized, clean, and decluttered, our brains focus more easily and our nerves are less on edge. Ironically our children, those adorable forces of destruction, crave the same peaceful environments. My mother often said, "It is more fun to make a mess in a clean room than it is to attempt to play in a messy room". I find myself chirping it to my own children as they fight against clean up, just like I did.

The recent trend of minimalist children's rooms meshes perfectly with what psychologists have discovered about child development. By decluttering rooms and buying less, parents are decluttering brains and encouraging imagination. By emphasizing quality over quantity, parents are teaching their children to value what they have, and to make wise decisions in their purchases. By using neutral colors and monochromatic patterns, parents create a room that promotes relaxation and helps their little ones to get a good night's sleep.

But a child's room must also have an element of fun and a feeling of joy--it should have pops of color that bring up the delicate balance of minimalism and joyful beauty. A monochromatic room comes to life when a rainbow blanket is carefully draped over an accent chair. A room in grays and whites feels inviting and happy when a yellow gingham pattern is delicately folded on the edge of a bed. Small pops of color are the key to designing the perfect minimalist room for a child.

Henry and Bros. knows the difficulties of finding childrens' blankets and textiles that meet this need: this is one of the factors that led me to create this company. Each one of our blankets has carefully been designed to use colors that elicit feelings of happiness. Every one features simple designs that help to soothe a busy child. The incomparable softness of our blankets smooths away the troubles of the day. Our designs, our textures, and colors will not be found anywhere else: they are the perfect finishing touch to any nursery or children's room.