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Big Kids Blanket (Adult sized) - Navy Gingham

Big Kids Blanket (Adult sized) - Navy Gingham

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Our biggest, heaviest, most incredible blanket yet!  This totally adult (big kid) blanket is ideal for family cuddles, tv time, or placing on your child's bed.  Even small kids move around A LOT on their beds.  Small kids don't just need small blankets.  This promises to spread out all over the bed so your larger child can truly enjoy a good night's sleep in 100% Cotton.  Is it easy to find a cheap polyester blanket for your kid?  Yes - but a yarn-dyed, 100% cotton, reversible, double stitched seams, self-fabric piping hems, curved corners and long-staple fine cottons make this a totally different kind of blanket.  This might stand the test of time and last for a generation.  Love it, keep it, and get to know the quality of cotton in Henry and Bros' Blankets. 

56" x 90" = 7.5 feet long!

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