A Loving Home with @VanessaStyled

Hi Vanessa! Thank you for sitting down with us to share your home and lifestyle ideas. We are always happy to see our blankets popping up in your insta-feed.
I've loved Henry and Bros since my daughters were very young. Their patterns, large blankets, and versatility made my decision to continue to support and utilize their items an easy one! From trips to the beach, to my daughter's bedrooms, to home decor- Henry and Bros has followed us along in our life and in our home.
Do you have any interior design tips for a styling a child’s room? Your style is always comfortable and fun!
One of the things I really enjoy is home decor and interior design. My main tip for decorating your kiddos room (or any room!) is to pick a theme/core style and run with it. If you like- you can pick a main "furniture item" (dresser/bed/etc) and then build the rest of the decor around it! Choose color patterns and themes that work well together (pale colors/monochromatic/etc) and have fun! You can have your little one pick a part of their room to help you with so they feel like they're making their room their own!
Vanessa Styled Girl's Bedroom
What are your favorite activities for keeping your daughters engaged with all the time at home this year?
My fave activities for keeping the girls occupied (as mamas it can be super tricky to occupy those ever-busy minds!) is crafting. I love getting out bead kits, DIY paint projects, and helping them turn their love for learning into crafting. It can be messy- but in the end- a mess isn't nearly as problematic as we make it :)
What informs your design style?
I get a lot of my design influence from other Instagrammers! It's super inspiring to go browse what other people have done and how they incorporate their own tastes into really creative design ideas for their home. Often times, I get inspired by the functionality of a room or piece they've put together and it helps me be even more organized too. However- don't EVER compare your home or what you have to ANYONE on social media. While motivating, it can also be discouraging because you don't have a huge home, or an all white kitchen, or a modern home, or a large budget, and the list goes on. Make the most of what you have knowing you're AWESOME for it!
How are you and the family coping with 2020?
Now. How are we doing in 2020!?! Well. 2020 hasn't gone the way anyone planned as you all know. I've been tested to the max as I'm sure each of you reading this have been- in your own ways. To handle some of the stresses of the year I picked up and got the girls in my car during early July and we took off on a 2 week road trip. We saw 8 states, travelled over 4,000 miles (mostly stayed to ourselves), and didn't have a single reservation. It.was.epic. While a road trip may not be in your future plans- I highly recommend getting into nature for fresh air and sunshine. It can help refresh your spirit in so many ways. For those who are very concerned about Covid risk, there are tons of really remote/outdoor spaces all over the place! Feel free to message me if you need ideas on this- you won't regret it!
What inspires you? Your IG feed is full of fun days and smiles with your daughters.
To wrap up our little session together- I wanted to leave you with some tips on what inspires me. The truth is- love inspires me. Grief inspires me. Pain inspires me. The will to thrive inspires me. I'm filled with such a desire to LIVE FULLY and in the present. How many times do you think, "Wow....I really wish I could do ____". Let me tell you. Do it. Take the job that's a risk. Dream. Take the trip you thought you never could take. Try something new. Do something you're scared of. Be fearless even when you're scared like crazy. Love HARD. Be willing to risk pain and a broken heart- and know that in doing so- you will know that you lived your life in FULL.
Vanessa Styled
Feel free to connect with me at @vanessastyled and I'd love to hear from you!