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Direct to Consumer

Based in Asia with direct manufacturing access and collaboration, Henry & BROS., is able to pass the savings on to the consumer, making the company’s prices unbeatable for the quality.


Henry & BROS. currently offers wholesale products to retailers and corporations all over the world for resale and distribution.

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Jennie Hope Peterson Yu, Ph.D

Our Founder

Our Sustainability Principles

1) Sustainable development means using natural materials.

2) Sustainable living is the lifestyle we promote.

3) Reducing consumption through durable and valuable products.

4) Safe production methods and working conditions.

5) Less packaging altogether and fewer inserts.

6) Cloth packaging and natural fibers instead of plastic packing.

7) Donation to children's charities for over-stock items.

Our Brand Timeline

In 2012, the private-label brand Henry & Bros., Home emerged for close friends and Jennie’s own family for whom she had developed the “Original” blanket prototypes.  As a mother to 3 boys under the age of 3, it was a passion project built from a career in textile production.  With strong support along the woven textiles supply chain, New Focus Textiles manufactured her vision for a home-textiles development project aimed at creating better/softer/bigger cotton baby blankets.  

Henry & Bros., transitioned into an e-commerce and Amazon-fulfilled operation in 2015 with steady grassroots support from social media and Amazon reviews.  With 5-star products and increasing sales, we were slowly building a solid brand. 

In 2020, we launched our first full-range of home textiles and introduced a widely-loved triple layer cotton face in a variety of sizes and designs.  

In 2021, we launched a collection of recycled cotton blankets and our founder consulted on a circular-loop home textiles project with New Focus Textiles. 

Now, in 2022 our director Jennie Peterson is focusing more on giving back to the community and sustainability rather than sales.  With strong global demands for a sustainable future, we are now researching and producing in the field of circular textiles and our brand plans to become a nonprofit "brand" with the option to still buy on our website in early 2023.  Allnew collectionswill be made from 100% biodegrable fibers and packaged with 100% biodegradable materials.  All future production will consist of at least 50% recycled cotton fiber.  We will no longer buy or ship with plastic packaging or producing using plastic filler in our quilts.  We will no longer sell through Amazon.  Further, we will donate 1000 units of blankets to programs in North Carolina and South China which support women and children in need.  Stay tuned to see what happens in 2023 with Henry & Bros.