Direct-To-Market Home Textile

No Middleman, Best Quality, Fast Production Turnaround

Our Own Production Lines

Because Jennie’s husband owns several manufacturing facilities in China, Henry & BROS., is able to pass the savings on to the consumer, making the company’s prices unbeatable for the quality. Since we have our own manufacturing facilities, we are able to quickly design our products based on current fashions and trends.

Full control of the Supply Chain

The first thing that our clients expect from us is to stay competitive and be fast. To assist them in succeeding, we have complete control of our supply chain and can use new technologies, streamline procedures, and speed up processes.

Fast Production Turnaround

Thanks to Dr. Jennie Yu's experience in textile, supply chain, and manufacturing, we are able to provide an unheard-of turnaround time from concept to finished items.

About Our Founder

Jennie Peterson Yu Ph.D

Henry and Bros. Founder Jennie Peterson Yu has many years of experience with fashion, supply chain and textile production.
With a PhD in supply chain management and an MSc in textile engineering, Jennie
and her talented team of designers are uniquely qualified to produce beautiful, high quality textiles. If you're looking for a partner with an extensive understanding of textiles and supply chain, Henry & Bros. is your perfect partner!

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