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Travel Blanket - Navy and Cream Bay Stripes

Travel Blanket - Navy and Cream Bay Stripes

Regular price $21.50 USD

Content 100% Cotton
Size 39" x 39" fits stroller
Prepare to pack less when leaving the house with our multi-use baby travel blanket. Ultra-light and breathable, this baby blanket for travel is a highly versatile piece, perfect for active families who can use it as a baby traveling blanket, lightweight stroller cover or baby car seat canopy. This versatile travel blanket for baby is loved by babies and toddlers alike for its silky-soft touch and playfully attractive patterns.

Fade resistant and made to be loved, these are ideal for families on-the-go, as they protect babies from the elements while comforting them.

Designed for function, this travel baby canopy cover is perfect for year-round use—the fabrics are not too heavy for summer and not too thin for winter, meaning you can alternate it as a pram rain cover, pram sun cover and pram shade cover as well as a carseat cover for babies.Two re-inforced corners have 2" tab-style loops while two corners have safe 6" ties so the blanket is easily hung, secured, tied, and affixed to a objects for sun shielding, drying, covering, and comforting.

Made from a unique fabric design, the kids blanket have a three-dimensional structure which allows air to flow through an inner chamber of the two blanket sides, providing a lofty feel. This same fabric structure enables breathability for babies, is quick drying, and lightweight. We’ve got your baby covered!

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